engine buildup for a 50 hit of spray


Call me Liberace!
obviously forged pistons, but how much can the rods handle? the plan is a 1397 motor with 13:1 JE's and some headwork, a pipe and a tune. i'd like to run between a 35 and 50 hit of nitrous (i'm heavy, gotta catch those 155 lb kids on their literbikes, don't i?). i want longevity, if rods are necessary, i'll push the build date back until i can grab a set. and i probably won't be spraying all the time either. i'm most likely going with a progressive shot too, so the bike won't flip over backwards.


Call me Liberace!
nah, my **** isn't small enough to justify a 100 shot on a busa:laugh:, nor are there any drag strips around here where i could possibly put that much power down. but the set up is what i'm asking. do i need new rods, or are forged pistons and a lightened crank enough? i mean yea, colder spark plugs and other supporting mods would be necessary, but as far as hard parts, what's necessary so that my motor will eat up a 50 shot until doomsday.


so like I said 100 shot ( and you want 50)on stock rods and crank and you are getting forged pistons with a 1397 but don't for get you need fuel. stock fuel system won't do a well built 1397.
and remember the bottle runs out
200hp on a daily 1397 push button pump gas motor stk head is what I would start with and then start with a 40


that would be a dry shot, go wet and you could do like a 80 shot:whistle:with the progessive:bowdown:without it:please::please:it will BOOM:rofl: go with the wetkit and progressive and it'll be ok:thumbsup:


You can spray a 50 shot all day with stock internals with a good tune. Ive seen it done many times


Call me Liberace!
jeez, 100 shot, you guys are all nuts. ok, so stock crank and rods are good enough for up to a 100 shot, with a good tune. i was thinking direct port wet shot. as far as fuel system mods, what can you do besides a higher flowing fuel pump? if the nitrous has it's own injectors you don't really need bigger ones for the bike.
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