Engine break in


Did you guys break in your engine according to book? I heard that if you do, your bike will be slow. A mechanic told me to break in fast, not dogging, but like maybe running up to8k real slow then slowly decelerating, what yall think?
I broke mine in the way Suzuki and Kawaski does their race bikes. Ride easy up to 200 miles not exceeding 5000 rpm's. Reving it up to 5000 and letting it come down slowly building compression. After 200 miles...open her up and ride it!!!!

Here is the site I saw this, let me what yall think. I brought mine up to 7k 3 times after about 40 miles slowly then slowly decelerating letting it cool 5 min between runs, hope I didn't damage nothing.
Most the guys with good motorcycle knowledge ,That I've spoke with, tell me to ride it like I stole it. and never do high-way or free-way miles, do short rides and shut her down to cool, and go at it again. Also use conventional oil for the first 1000miles then go to synthetic if thats what you want to use.