End of the season, and the racing is getting good


Is it just me or is Honda getting killed lately? First they have a terrible showing in F1 at their home track (Suzuka) and now they loose both Hayden and Pederosa on the penultimate MotoGP race

This is the most exciting late season racing I've seen for a long time. The only two racing classes I watch with any regularity are MotoGP and F1 and they're both super close and coming down to the wire. Nickey could have clinched it this weekend and he gets taken out by his own team mate on lap 2...sheesh I wouldn't want to be Dani Pederossa tonight. If he winds up in a deep river somewhere with a cement block tied to him I think we all know whodunit.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think if Hayden wins in two weeks at Valenciana and Rossi finishes no higher than third, Nickey will take the points championship by ONE point. That's got to be the closest points race ever. No one else is in a position to take first, are they?

Any one else into Formula 1? They had the same kind of battle going on in the constructor challenge between Ferrari and Renault, and Michael Schumacher's Ferrari blew up right when he needed it most. Seriously, who saw that coming? When was the last time a Ferrari blew up, especially Michael's?

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Yeah, and Honda was proud to say before the race that there are no team orders ... well, hang your heads in shame, 'cause there's nothing to stop Valentino except a blown engine. Or another idiotic move by Dani that will take out Rossi. And that'll just get the team penalized.

As for F1, it's really too bad, 'cause I would have liked to see Shumi retire with one last championship. Ain't gonna happen ... Alonso's not gonna let Michael out of his sights.


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Hayden 1st Rossi 3rd Hayden wins title
Hayden 2nd Rossi 5th Hayden wins title
Hayden 3rd Rossi has to crash or have a mechanical because no way is he going to finish 9th without a problem.

Those 3pts Rossi got from Phillip Island sure do mean a lot right now. Race Direction and FIM really screwed that one up. But they sure went after Stoner hard...


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I comes down to Rossi has got to have a problem, Pedrosa crashes into him or the Bike Breaks down. All of the above I really doubt ! So here goes my prediction:

CONGRADS TO ROSSI and Congrads to Hayden for a Good 2nd, maybe when Rossi retires his chance will come

To Both of Ya 

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