I am new to this game,and I am looking for the strait poop on deristricting my '03.I see a lot of chatter about it on here,but the opinions seem to vary quite a bit.I would appreciate any help with this-I am not real familiar yet with abbreviations,brand names,etc.Do I go to Radio Shack and buy a simple resistor,or do I need to buy a box from someone?What other performace gains are to be had without getting too carried away?
More interested in eliminating the timing retard in 1st,2nd and 3rd.Losing the top end limiter is just an added bonus.
thats funny....I'll look for him on the 28th of november. :laugh:
Get the SMART TRE from ivans. It will get rid of the timing retard, and de-restrict the top end. It will also keep your idle smooth which other TRE's won't. it costs $110.00 right from Ivans.

Looking into anIvan's now.....I hope it performs as promised.Does the Ivan's effect timing on startup?