Electronics Questions/ECU


Hi Guys, this is my first post and I am in need of some help regarding electronics. I am in the process of making a custom wiring harness for a Busa engine running in a racing car.

My first question is, does the kick stand switch and tip over sensor only stop the fuel pump, or do I need to fool the ECU? Reason I ask is because fuel pump is switch activated and is not controlled by the ECU in my case, and if I could forget about the TO Sensor ECU input it would simplify things. Obviously I would run into probs if it also stopped fuel injectors/coils from working.

Secondly, from an original wiring diagram, it seems the battery is always connected to pin 16 'BATT', and when the ignition switch is closed, a signal goes into pin 21 'LED', is this what activates the ECU?

I was also planning on using different temperature and pressure sensors connected to a motorsport dash, do I still need to connect original temperature sensor to ECU (ie does it need to know temperature for certain ECU maps), I was also looking to not use the clutch switch, how does this affect start up? I was just going to ground the starter signal straight to earth, as opposed to going through a clutch switch, if it is required I wont be running a clutch switch so I will opt for a relay to send signal to ECU, but I'm hoping it wont be necessary.

Any help appreciated.


The kick stand switch kills the engine just like Kill switch on the handle bars. It works in conjunction with the clutch switch and gear position sensor.

There is still power to the rest of the bike but the engine won't even turn over while the kick stand switch is activated, the bike is in gear and the clutch lever isn't pulled in.