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Bike is a 2001 w/ 99 motor. has a 2 battery set up. Bike started and ran about 10 minutes (all at under 2500 rpm's) then died. got back in the garage and found the ignition fuse was blown. changed it out and it blew again (but I saw soke under the tank), so I look under air box and find #1 coil blown apart. got new coils in and plugged them in (with new fuse also) bike started right up for about 10 sec. then the fuse blew. So took it to a friend with more knowlege then me. He checks all the line and ohms everything, everything looks good but still blows fuses. so he unrapps some of the tapped lines and and one of the fat lines that ties the front battery w/ the back is barely in the loop and comes right out. so he makes the connection much better (w/ soder) and we plug everthing in and then smoke begins comming out of the ECU. Next thing we do is put a entire new wiring harness and hook the battery as if was a stock set up and still nothing... We are confused at this point and call it a night. If some one has any idea or has had this happen please let me know. When I first picked the bike up the new pc3USB would not work on the bike, but when we plugged it up to another busa today it worked fine??? Please help....

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this may be my problem, I aam not hooked up like this


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Are you sure that the batteries are hooked up right? My thought is if you had the positive and negative switched on one battery you might end up with 24 volts