Electrical issues


I have a short sand car with a 2006 Hayabusa engine. When I turn the ignition switch on everything comes on except the fuel system. No fuel pump or fuel injection power? I have checked all the fuses, replaced the fuel pump relay. Whats next? The local shop wont work on it because its in a car. would a diagnostic check reveal the problem? could it be the ECM, I believe the TO sensor has been bypassed as I cant find it on the car. Please help, Thanks
Do you have an OEM gauge cluster plugged in? that should give you some indication. If there is a semi-critical sensor missing, the bike will not start or run. You can find a list of sensors and how they react in the service manual.
TOS, side-stand, engine temp, IAP, IAT, could be the other non-connected air pressure sensor as well. all of those need to be plugged in or it will kick out an error code and wont start. do you have access to an OEM cluster you can plug in and verify?
the TO sensor and side stand sensor have been removed/bypassed. If the TP sensor was bad would it prevent the fuel system from getting a signal?
yeah. The tip over sensor needs to be tricked with a resister. not sure which one but just go buy one from one of the site sponsors.
Sounds like you know enough to do this but just incase....do you have power at the pump? If so I would say the pump is bad.
Since no one has asked and you didn't say so, was the engine running before and you just started having this issue or is this a current swap you're working on?
Thanks for all the responses to my questions. I have discovered that the engine is a 2000 not a 2006
The pump is good, I hot wired it to be sure.
The car was running great just before this happened, we where coming in from the big sand at St Anthony, ID. stopped for a quick break, car started right up got about 200ft in 1st gear and the car died, started again but as soon as I tried to take off it died.
There was already a resistor in place of the TO sensor, I replaced this with a new 47k resistor to be sure. Still nothing
I have tried everything at this point, I'm replacing the ECM with an updated one-2005, having it flashed and updated for my car, this also requires the stator and rotor to be updated, which I'm doing. Also having a new custom wire harness built as the old one was pretty hacked up.