Eight dollars...


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My old 01 is 3200 miles young and still running awsome..... :thumbsup:
Can hardly wait for the Stampede and so many cool folks to meet. Captain Scar etc. Had to do a mod that seems impressive for the money...me likey alot.
After the 3rd beer it got easier...hahahaha maybe. I'm happy with the result...waddaya think ?? Love this place.





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Thanks Doyle.. yea it's only 8.00 bucks for the kit...rim stripes....alot cheaper than your aftermarket rims...hehehe.... hard to put on.... not perfectly round when spinning the wheels..static ya can't tell.. at speed you won't be able too tell either....sincerly wish i could track ride with ya..and Ozz......Thanks too Outlaw1300
They are a pain to put on properly and the last one always overlaps. I guess you'd have to have the wheel off on it's side on a workbench to do it proper. I bought some reflective carbon fiber ones.

Stripes look good man,

I like the hard luggage set up with your hump still in place. thats cool...

Please enlighten me and with more pics. Is the rack system the SW Motech and are the bags Givi?


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Heres a pic of the GIVI mounting system that you cannot buy from Givi as of 6-7 years ago..because the 1st and 2nd year Busa's had aluminum subframes which a few snapped in half while going down the road fully loaded [yikes].. the 01 and up Busa's have steel subframes.. mines been loaded to the max with the top trunk in place with wife onboard.
For sale maybe.......
Ps don't have that crazy wind shield any more.


top view bags.jpg



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What is the liter capacity of those bags? Could you post a pic from the rear so I could see how far they stick out and another without the bags to see what the framework looks like. I am thinking of selling my Ventura system and mounting hard bags. Nice looking B:beerchug:usa. Wardie


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Yea that's what was thinking too.. red kanji w/ red rim edjes. Thnx Semi. Top case will hold 2 helmets... side bags one 12 pack each.. But there are many other sizes of side cases that will snap right on.
It was the bags and bracket that i may sell..hehe
Ps thnx Wardie for the nice comment and others. Thats the most dirty it's ever been.

Newest pic's 031.jpg

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