Eibach rear spring 900#

2.25” id, 8” length, 900#. I bought it installed on a gen 1 shock, rode it in my 08. Now revalving my gen 2 shock through Lee’s performance, and weighing 205 and 220 in gear they’re recommending I go to a 1000# spring at 66” bike. So it’s for sale. Brand new they’re 73.99 plus shipping tax etc. ready to ship this one to you for $65. I do not know what rider weight this is recommended for. But it is a god upgrade from stock. Hopefully an expert will chime in. Red eibach vs
Still for sale! At 66” and lowered 1 hole (3 hole lowering link) she doesn’t tough tail light! I think lowered all the way with my weight she runs tail light on bumps, but anyone lighter she wouldn’t. Let me know guys!
Maybe someone can chime in on stock gen 1 and 2 rates, I think 900# would be a good upgrade for gen 1 and I’ll even install it on the shock for a little more shipping plus core back.

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