ECU Tuners in salt lake city utah

There is a listing on the internet. This will be the 5th or 6th time I've looked for it. It's probably a sticky here too.
Maybe give Scott a call and ask if he does it or can recommend someone.

Heads Up Performance Home Page

Don't maybe give him a call do give him a call, by far the best tuner I have ever used. He is in Sandy and will be very busy for the next few weeks as Bonneville is going on right now and all of the bikes he builds and tunes are racing right now. You can not go wrong with him I promise, tell him that Stites send you and he will take good care of you. I just had him tune Raydog's turbo bike I built, and he did an amazing job.
One of the best right in your back yard as isiahstites noted!

Hell, take a ride over to the salt and walk around, I'm sure you can find him.He'll be the tall guy with a smile, possibly doing something crazy and adventurous

No better way to meet someone than at an event :-)