Ecu Editor Nitrous Control

reason for asking cuz this is whats stated in the nitrous harness install instructions

**WARNING**: For off-road use only!!!! You must have your ECU re-flashed and setup for NOS control BEFORE you install this nitrous harness. Failure to do so will damage your engine, as well as nitrous solenoid. You must install a PAIR blockoff kit prior to using the PAIR circuit to control your nitrous activation as this harness renders the PAIR system in active.
You can buy a harness for ECU nitrous contol, but all it is doing is doing for activation is grounding either the mode up or mode down button input to the ECU (same as pushing the button yourself). You can do it with a switch or with a different momentary button to ground if you like. You can have a three position switch to have "auto", "manual" and "off" if you like.

Then for the output you simply use the two wires from the PAIR to activate a relay, then use the relay to supply power (or ground) to your solenoid.

If you buy the harness it is mostly plug and play, but if you want things set up a little differently then you are doing your own work anyway. $10 gets you a switch and relay.
Old post update

When I hooked up my nitrous harness to the PAIR wires I did not use block off plates on my B King. I just spliced the vacuum line from the PAIR solenoid to the transmission vent line. Works great cause the solenoid stays in the open position.

Oh yeah I finally found out what the B stands for on the B King...………….. Bottle King LOL !

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