ECHR Summer Ride I -- June 13, 2009


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Sorry I got this one up late guys and gals.... :whistle:

Route info and Map ...

June 13th Group Ride 235 miles / 5 hours seat time

9:00 – Arrive Harrisonburg, VA 798E. Market St – Sheetz Gas Station
9:30 – Depart I-81 South to 275 West to 250 West – 70 miles / 90 minutes
11:00 – Arrive Monterey, VA 250/220 Intersection, Mountain View Inn - Lunch/Fuel
11:45 – Depart 250 West to Huttonsville, WV - 45 miles / 60 minutes
12:45 – Arrive Bobbies Service Station 321 Main St, Beverly, WV - Rest/Fuel
13:00 – Depart 250 West to 33 East to Seneca Rocks, WV - 55 miles / 75 minutes
14:15 – Arrive Seneca Rocks Store - - Rest
14:30 – Depart 33 East to Franklin, WV – 25 miles / 35 minutes
15:00 – Arrive Texaco Service Station, 532 N Main St, Franklin, WV– Rest/Fuel
15:30 – Depart 33 East to Harrisonburg, VA starting point – 42 miles / 60 minutes
16:30 - Arrive Harrisonburg, VA 798E. Market St – Sheetz Gas Station – Rest/Fuel -- Head home.



Wishing I was riding
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Dagnabbit, I already have plans made for that day. Hopefully I can be on the next one though.


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Very cool! Our next ride will be in July, and we'll be heading up through MD and PA.



Got my hopes up for this, but 2 hours each way getting to and from Harrisonburg kills it for me.


Looks like the rain held off yesterday, at least here east of the mountains. Hope everybody had a great ride. Looking forward to some pictures! ! !


Wow, Wish I had known. I rode that route 33 last fall on an overnighter really enjoyed it. A little more notice would have been great. Hope everyone was safe and had a ball.:thumbsup:


WOW..what a good time. Best ride I have ever been on. Challenging roads.....pushed the hardest the MULLET and I have ever been. I had NO idea that those type of twisties existed around here.
Lets just say the BUSAs took over the mountain.:laugh:

Pic one...starting to unload two fatty 330 off my truck.



The ROCK. Only view pic I took. All other nice earthy pics....well lets just say...everything else was a big blurr at 145mph +:whistle: for a few straight runs.



The group: From 2 GenIIs, a lot of slow black Busa:rofl: But the one with the Turbo ( Postal ), Bone stock, to 2 Fatty 330s busas, and more. Great group of Busas and guys, oh and one girl. Everyones ride experiance was close...minutes apart, so not much waiting for the group to close in.
Except for the last section very challenging....DJ, Tom, and I was tail to tail rolling thru there and left everyone else behing.:laugh:




Zero CHicken left on the MULLET...after keeping up with/ trying to pass Postal ( tom ) and chasing DJ in the last section.

Started out of the parking lot in light rain, then sun, the on off wet roads, but for the most riding it was dry and a great time. THe MULLET needs a good shampooing now thu.

Im reading to that ride again!:thumbsup:



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We had a great day indeed! Safe ride, no popo except the one we followed for a mile or two. Like Rod said, a bit of rain, but nothing significant. We had folks come down from the NE states too, some drove 600 miles just to ride with us. Here are some pics I took. And I'll have to say, Rod wheeled that Fatty 330 through the twisties like a pro! DJ and I are no slouches on the twisties, and Rod held right on our tails. Way to go Rod!


ECHR Spring Ride 061309 004.jpg

ECHR Spring Ride 061309 005.jpg

ECHR Spring Ride 061309 006.jpg

ECHR Spring Ride 061309 007.jpg

ECHR Spring Ride 061309 009.jpg

ECHR Spring Ride 061309 011.jpg

ECHR Spring Ride 061309 014.jpg

ECHR Spring Ride 061309 027.jpg


Wow. I missed yet another great opportunity. Tried to change my oil last minute Friday night and, well...ran into a couple issues. Bike is back together and ready to run, but that didn't happen unitl yesterday afternoon. At one point I was sure I was gonna wind up lodging a 1/4" driver into my garage floor. Very upset! >:( Once it got to a certain hour Friday night I realized that I wouldn't get enough sleep to make a full day ride the next day. Once again...maybe next time.

Thanks for the invite and the pics. It's good to see y'all had a good ride and good day. I WILL catch up with y'all for a ride SOMEday. :)

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