EBC HH pad drag.... is this normal?


Just installed EBC HH pads on front of my Gen 1 Busa about 200 miles ago and have had a constant "dragging" noise ever since! Is this common with these pads? Rotors don't feel "unusually hot" but that constant scraping noise worries me! Any input would be appreciated.
P.S. They stop fantastic!!!
I have them on my 06 and they're quiet until I use them. Then, I hear a shhhh sound but again, while running, no noise whatever, just when I pull the lever.
Try the EBC Extreme Pro. They don't make that noise.

My EBC HH front pads on the '00 also had that high pitch whine upon braking. Just kind of got used to that.

Galfer pads don't make any noise that I've used.
I installed the Extreme Pro pads earlier this summer. They dragged the first couple hundred miles...but after the final bedding procedure recommended by EBC, it pretty much went away. I've had them on now for 2,000 miles with only some very sporadic noise from the pads. The "zzzzzzz" noise is there when braking, but thats it. They do indeed work very well.
I guess it IS normal. Just seems like there shouldn't be any resistance such as when pushing around the driveway, I can definitely "feel" the dragggg.
Again, not a lot, but it's there. Oh well they Do stop nice! May need to check out those Extreme Pro's!