Ebay Seller "Rumble Imports"


Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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THey have a lot of stuff out there for the Busa, anyone deal with them before?

What was the outcome?
Sauron, I mean Revlis,

If you do buy something, let us know...
Hey Rev........bought some rear markers off e-bay from them.........no problems at all.
Check thier feedback, and you'll be able to tell how many folks have had good dealings with them. :beerchug:
I ordered a FSD undertail from them off ebay. No probs. Carl takes care of everything
Never used it.  I too have been curious about ebay.  Let us know how it worked if you use it.
I've bought tons of stuff off e-bay with absolutely no problems at all yet......actually really like it........saved huge money.

Undertail......not on bike yet
clear front markers
bar ends
clear tail
clear rear markers
numerous computer programs
Tons of parts for my Banshee.

have several things going as we speak on e-bay.
Took a while to get used to using it but have won every single item I've bidded on in the last four months, and every one of them for way less than I would have paid retail.
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heres a couple shots when first installed

Sweet, Thanks folks. I have a couple of things I am bidding on right now. My question was moslty based on the old " too good to be True" maxim I try to live by. They just have a lot of stuff that seems too inexpensive...

Thanks for the input folks. E, The tail looks pretty cool.
ive sent them like three emails to get one with buy it now and they wont reply i guess they dont want the sale every time they list the undertail it has a 199.00 buy it now and every time i try some one throws a bid on it. lol ill get it some day