eBay engine covers


Anyone have any experiences good or bad with these eBay covers?



They appear to be a decent piece from the pictures but you never really know until they're in your hands....
I have that one on my bike, looks great and works. It is more subtle than you would think.

If you need a new gasket, let me know. I have one. I had a lowside that I had to fix, and ended up with two.

I'm sorry i don't have pics, I just put it on yesterday and I am not done with the bike yet.
I have one and the threads pulled out when I torqued the stator down to specs. Which even though I won my case against the seller and could have sent it back and had my money refunded I decided to just heli-coil.
I had it on my bike for awhile until I did the stock one in chrome. If you send me your e mail address I would be more than happy to send you some pics
I have had problem with the stator not being center and getting damaged,,yes I used the dowels and factory hardware
I think its kinda hit and miss on some of those covers..i ordered one and for the price looked like a good cover but some said they had trouble getting it to seal..