eating starter gears


<span style='color:blue'></span> PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ?
I have a 2000 Busa i got a problem that turned out to be the starte clutch that was changed and sorted out, then on my first trip out after starting it about 12 times it ripped the starter motor cog and the first gear of the starter gearing. This was sorted free of charge no problems then took it out again and low and behold its done it again !

Sympyoms are a clunk at the end of the starter cycle if it doesnt start first time and the starter motor will not keep winding if it doesnt start it just stops dead !
i have heard  thios could be my battery anyone heard this ? my battery is the original one (5 years old) but no problems as such, I have also heard it may be hydraulicking however this is unlikely as it wont keep turning !

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Thats a nice bike, please post some more pics. As for your problem, I would start with the battery,also did you buy the bike new? Maybe you have a big bore and dont know it,they are known for this problem.NJ.
2002 and older models have this problem.

be carefu, you could crack your engine case!!!

get the updated starter setup.
Hi Guys
thx for the replies didnt think it would be so quick i'#ll let you all know if it gets sorted or should i say when ?
Nitrous junkie if you want some more pics of the bike send me your e mail,
I am Notts and none of my parts was from alan i know where he gets his bits from and i get them half the price he sells em for and imported from the states !
thanks for all your replies
HI Guys
Well you was all a great help it has been advised by suzuki technical to replace all the gear, motor etc for the 03 uprated model which will definitly cure the problem as it has a tensioner in there that stops it stripping the starter gear, retail parts are £550 + my delaer is doing it at cost around £400 f******g expensive mod just for having a power commander fitted which makes it more prone to having this problem if any one has one fitted any clunks guys take ya power commander off or get the mod as all suzuki say is the power commander etc but fingers X'd when i get it back more zx12's and the rest will be looking at my number plate
If you guys need help with this starter is I can help just holla,and don't use the heady duty gear,unless you upgrade the starter and all the other parts.