Eastcoast Bad Boys Bike Blessing


A couple of nice BUSA'S at the Eastcoast Bad Boy's bike blessing on sunday in Jerzey

Those bikes are sweet! But, are they ridden on the street? I notice they pull half of the front brakes (to show wheels, I assume)... Can't stop smoothly or quickly anymore.

What gives with that?

I've seen them ride the bikes but basically they are show bikes.Chrome tanks are illegal but no cops will bust you for it most of them admire a nice ride.You are also correct about the brakes you need to ride very slow because of the brakes pulling to one side.Absolutely no fun its speed I need.Shiny Side up.
Bacharles come on out I'll show you a good time we rode 40 deep sunday then went to NYC to have some fun in the Village.
Nice bikes, and the oop...........its all eye candy to me lol....

HEy post those events up when you know they are headed your way.