Early attendees

I may not be able to make it during the weekend, but maybe sometime during the week. Who's coming early and wants to ride? Been finding some good roads in TN since I've moved to the other side of the mountain.


Papa Smurf
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I'll be there Wed Night, Ready to Ride Thursday Morning 25th. Right after I'm done with Breakfast at the Huddle house.. :laugh:


orange peel is caused by excessive speed
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hooken and I will be there late saturday. We will be ready to ride sunday!!!
We'll be two hours away, until Thursday and then we'll be there ready to ride. Travis, and Hooken yell if you guys head this way, gonna try and block my schedule for the week.

Who is this Powerjunkie guy anyway???
Where you gonna ride to on Thursday? I'm leaving Greer on Thursday morning about 7:00 and I should be there by 9:30 to 10:00, I'm just trying to time it out to meet up.

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