dynojetelectric shifter


Anyone tried the dynojet electric shifter? I have a pc3usb, says it will work with their shifter. I see everyon runs air though. Are they stuck in the past? The air set up is heavier too. Clue me in.
I think we may just be waiting for a good review from a fellow rider
. So when you get one let us know how it works out
With Dynojets shifter, you have to manually pull up on the shift lever. The sensor is used to kill the engine only.... Air shifter is still the way to go... Cars or bikes.
Doesn't a European company make one that is electronic and totally hand/foot free like the airshifter?

I thought I read that somewhere.....only problem was it was close to $1k!

I am pretty sure because some of the MOTO GP guys used them when they were injured.

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Thanks for the info. guys!!! Now there's so many air shifters to choose from?
??? Don't want to spend a fortune, what do you recommend Ryan? By the way a friend of mine just got a '05 zx10r, he sure would like to talk to you!

i saw the one that connects to the pc3usb last year in fontana ama races. the guy selling it had it on a bike and showed (it was on a rear stand of course) how it automatically shifts it for u at whatever rpm u want. u do have to manually shift it back down but going up its hand and foot free. its way cool but i had recently bought a pc3r otherwise i wouldve yanked that set up, and threw it on my bike,