Dyno'd my 2002 Stock Hayabusa


Sweet, I was pretty inpressed. I dyno'd my all stock 2002 Hayabusa and it gave me 162Hp to the rear wheel. the bike has got 1600 miles on it, and I'm still running petroleum oil through it until I hit 2000 miles. Maybe once I go sythetic I'll pick up another 1 or 2 horsepower, due to less friction. I was happy with those numbers

good #'s. Right where you should be!
would like to dyno mine. need to find a comfy place in portland.
thanks cache! I dont know what I was more afriad of, riding the busa of the lot for the first time, or the first dyno run! I was seriously sweating bullets! I think it was because I followed a different break in procedure, I did this-

1) took it up to 9000rpms at half throttle in first & second gear, winding it up and down for 30 miles. I rarely shifted into anything higher than third
2) changed the oil @ 30 miles, put petroleum back in the bike
3) changed oil @ 600 miles with inspection, took engine to redline, running it pretty hard through all gears
4) changed oil @ 1000 miles, continuing with petroleum until 2000 miles

I dyno'd at 1400 miles. OMG was I sweating bullets, I was praying that this break in procedure would give me good numbers. The guys @ Tampa Powersports told me that I did about 3 to 5 more horsepower than average, so I was happy

Whew, going against the grain may lead to better performance, but you will lose sleep at night!

I put a G-Pack(by NIKKO) on my 2002 and it went off
the hook.

enjoy the ride
Those are great numbers. I am going to do the same thing. I figured I would wait till about 200 miles before the first oil change though. I only have 3 miles on it now. I did give some good pulls during that 3 miles though. Time will tell.
in my opinion, I would get the oil out of the engine at about 30 miles. The reason why is because the parts in your engine were sitting on a factory shelf/bin for months before being assembled. You have to think about how an engine comes together. Parts are mailed, packaged, stored, and exposed to the elements. I dont know if you have ever been in a factory, it's dirty, oily, dusty, and usually pretty filthy. Bottom line is this-

your engine is packed with grime, dust, sand, cloth fibers, metal shavings, cardboard, and a ton of other debris.

I use to sell hydraulics to massive factories, where filtration is everything. I have a kit that I kept from PALL filter corporation that allows me to pull an oil sample, funnel it through a 5 micron paper filter, and examine the debris left over. You wouldnt believe the amount of garbage that was left on that filter from less than a 1/4 cup of oil! That oil was filthy!!! 30 miles and get it out of there!

The break-in procedure is everything. Taking such precautions makes a difference in the extreme long run. Changing oil @ 30 miles can be the difference between your engine lasting 30,000 miles, and lasting 40,000 miles before losing compression. That's just my 2 cents

Thats not fair. I only make 158 on my stock 2000. However that was done during the summer so that might have something to do with it.
I need to have mine Dyno also...Can't find a place close to where I'm at...I need the PC3R tuned...
yea stunnah I would do it all in one shot. Find a place who will tune your PC, they are going to have to dyno it about 40+ times anyways while they change your map. It's not going to be cheap, most places PC tune your bike for like $200 to $300. I had it done on my gsxr750 and it seemed to help, I had a little more punch off the line, and no flat spots. I didnt have much of an increase in horsepower, just more of a smoother, harder charging power curve, felt good though

yea they can re-program stock computers. They need a "Yosh box" which allows them to plug into your existing computer, and program the fuel curve. I wouldnt recommend doing it unless the bike is sitting on a dyno. Anytime you mess with aftermarket parts or your FI system, you can do more harm than good. You need to have a dyno readily available in order to see if the changes you made helped or hurt.

I've seen aftermarket parts cause people to lose power because the engine wasnt set up properly to take advantage of the upgrade. Dyno'ing your bike is so important

It's not going to be cheap, most places PC tune your bike for like $200 to $300.
can they usually tune stock computers?
I paid $85 to get my 2000 remapped to match the Yosh cans I put on it.
(Low reading is from when the cam chain was off by a tooth)