Dyno went south


Lemme ask you this: Previously, I had a stock bike, with the exception of bolt ons, PC3r. Dyno'd in at 163hp. Recently, I've installed a FULL SYSTEM HMF dual high mount. Removed the pair valve, put on the emissions block off plates at manifold, new K&N air filter, and have zip-tied my flapper valve open. Now, I've Dyno'd in at 159.7 hp. What's the deal!!:super: First, I thought the HMF's were supposed to give me more ponies. But now, I've done all that, and get a lesser Dyno???
Can somebody guide me a little bit, and also recommend a good map for my HMF setup.
Thanks!!! :beerchug:
You don't mention adjusting the PC at all after the changes? Without a remap (or some slight tweaking of the manual buttons) you will run very lean with a full HMF and a K&N filter. You need more fuel for all that extra air. It is not surprizing the HP went down. But don't worry - It will go way up when you enrich the mixture to the correct ratio.
Yea, Sorry...
I had done re-mapping done for each time. It was supposed to be running "optimally" for these...
It is all because of the piece of poop tank the dude screwed you with. I would think when you get your new tank and John cleans your throttlebodies and everything else that the corrosion caused you should have 170 hp.
Got the new tank put on, cleaned the bike out. Now it's time for me to clean the slower bikes off the road. Rock on baby... :super: :thumbsup: