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So I just read that Ducati has officially pulled out of the AMA Superbike championship for next year! What a vessel of Excrement! They state that because of the technical package now in place in the AMA they can’t be competitive here so they are pulling out of their second largest markets premier racing series! Be serious would you. They are begging the FIM to allow them to run 1200cc engines next year. Every indication is that they will announce a 1200cc Street bike soon for this very purpose. The FIM being the lap dogs that they are will most likely allow them this small dispensation all in the interest of fairness. But wait who is currently decimating the WSB championship right now? Oh that’s right Troy Bayliss on a D-U-C-A-T-I! I hate to see the AMA lose a top level team like this but in this particular case I say GTFO!
Regardless of what they state. This is just plain Belligerence! They have built a bike (unreleased as yet) which they are cramming down the FIM's huge gullett! They expect the AMA to bow down and adopt the FIM regulations right or wrong. There has been talk about doing this anyway but that was before They and several others (most notably KTM) went and started developing large bore V-twins with every expectation of them being allowed to race. Now they come along and say if you dont let us race this thing we will just walk away!

This reminds me of an auto racing Faux pas. Anybody remember the Penske Panzers that showed up at Indy about 13 years ago? The USAC rules contained a loophole that allowed Push rod engines to run a lot more boost than the OHC Indy cars of the day. So Ilmoor/Mercedes built these god awful fast pushrod (little teeny, tiny ones) motors from the ground up that by some accounts were putting out as much as 1200hp on race day. It was subsequently banned after it totally dominated the race.

Deja vu?


The AMA rules are far more restrictive than WSB and puts the twin at great disadvantage. They will be back in 2-3 years with an L-4 engine derived from the MotoGP Desmosedici motor. Still to be determined is if they will be 800cc or full litre displacement.
Personally I don't see a dark agenda here.....just a business decision from a company that had record sales again this year.

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I thought it was real funny and I loved the Comments Mladin made.

Basically Ducatis' bike's are not the issue it's the riders.

Either way it's just another reason "WHY" Ducati is umm.... oh Yeah, lame.



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They let the 749 run in the 600 class...so who cares if a 1200 runs in Superbike

It's not like they are gonna win anything


Ducati is umm.... oh Yeah, lame. [/QUOTE]
From a guy who works at a bike shop that still sells air cooled V-Twins with carburetors? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black

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