dubble bubble windshield is it worth it?


I see a lot of people with the aftermarket windshield and just wanted to know if it makes a big diiference in wind resistance.and if it slows the bike down at high speeds dramatically.obviously if it catches more wind it will a little
Yes it makes a difference in wind noise in my helmet if that matters to you.

I don't do land speed or anything like that, I do touring, and my Puig double bubble makes a huge difference to me.

Don't even get me started on my MRA winged one. :laugh:

Oh, and :welcome:
At 6'-2" the double bubble helps a lot. If it slows me down a fraction of a second I never noticed cuz I didn't race it.
At 6'3" I can't see my speedo when I'm sitting upright with the stock shield. Worth it to me.

I can't really speak to wind resistance using any empirical data, but with my enormous mellon I have to believe I'm more aerodynamic with the double-bubble than with my giant helmet splitting the wind.

I'm like 5'-7" and I love mine on my Turbo. As for slowing me down, on public roads, you won't notice it. OH AND :welcome:
i rocked the puig racing db for a few years now and never really dug the looks right from the get go. i just reverted back to stock and love it! there is also a few stress cracks on the puig left side near the bolt mount because apparently, i cranked the damn thing down too much. plus, the stock gives the GoPro a perfect view when filming.

IMG_0699 1.jpg
My experience with it is very limited...like I just put it on this morning and rode 30 miles to work limited. LOL

But here are my first findings. I am 5'10 if it helps any. And I was coming from a stock shield.

The stock wind shield directed the wind right up under my helmet when I was sitting more up right. Caused a lot of wind noise and helmet wobble. I couldn't ride with my shield open at about 1 1/2" as the wind still drove my eyes crazy. To tuck in and get in the envelope of dead air was a pretty hard tuck.

Double bubble. The wind now seemed to be hitting me higher on the helmet. Much less wind noise, not pulling helmet up from catching wind on bottom. My head seemed much more stable. I can now ride with my shield open to the first spot at 1 1/2" with no issues. Takes very little tuck to get behind it. I tested it out up to unknown speeds and I am very happy with this purchase. I don't necessarily like the looks as much as the stock, but I will get used to it.

My main reason for wanting it is because I want to ride later into the fall/winter and have a little better wind protection without going full touring. For me the gains far outweighed the negatives.
I have to agree... the DB makes a difference in wind noise and where the wind hits you. I wouldn't go back to stock at this point.