Dual front brake lines from master cylinder.


Has anyone had experiences routing dual front brake lines directly from the master cylinder to each front caliper?  This is opposed to the stock setup with a single line from the master cylinder and a cross over from right to left.  I'm looking at the Goodridge brake lines to replace the stocks and was curious if there are any gotchas or pitfalls to watch out for when running two lines from the master cylinder.  

Some issues I can think of right now are top fairing clearances on the handlebars and clearances / rubbing on the route to each brake.  If anyone has experience doing this I'd appreciate the advice.

[edit:] Also would anything extra need to be done to the master cylinder to mount the two lines?

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one is slightly longer than the other.. (goes to left side) note the slight angle on the fittings as well..

also make sure the lines are not pulled "tight" when suspension is fully extended..


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The only thing that came close to interfering was the steering damper. But it can be routed. Mine is dual from the MC, galfer lines.


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A call to Craig at HEL works well also.