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New to the list here - so cut me some slack on this one. I own a '01 Busa. Looking for some good info about dropping some weight on the bike. I realize we can get all the way down to Titanium bolts (but let's not). I'm aware that aftermarket rims can save alot but $ might be an issue. How about fairings? CF or Fiberglass how much does that really save? Any other big items that could save lbs (maybe aluminum tank?)? Exhaust is already done. Thanks in advance.
I cut two notches in my hump (that prolly dropped 1.5 oz), I trimmed the rear fender (another 3 oz), and I removed the refelctors and reflector mounts (big one with approx. 6 oz).

All-in-all, I have probably trimmed a good 1/2 pound off of mine!

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Oh yeah... But, I added 1" mirror spacers which probably total around 1/2 lb. So, I think I am back where I started. DANG!
The cheapest thing you can do is look in the mirror. If you can stand to loose a few, start with the rider. I could drop 20# by just dieting/excercising. That would be a great start, and the cheapest route. Carbon fiber panels are expensive also.

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Exhaust...then wheels. Anything else would be pretty small weight reduction numbers. But this weight lost can be very expensive. All titanium exhaust and Magnesium rims. You should lose alot of weight there.

Sad to say I ran out of money before I could buy the rim...another $1600 bucks atleast.
The exhaust is the best value for losing weight of the bike. The stock system is over 35 pounds and a single can aftermarket is 10-15 pounds total for about $600-800. There are a lot of little things that add up - like the weights on the footpegs. There is a couple of lbs that do nothing for you. lose the rear seat and the grab bar is another 3 lbs. And so on........

The best weight reduction is unsprung weight for performance. A friend of mine that is into road bicycles says that an ounce difference in rim weight feels about the same as losing 1 pound off the frame when riding. Rotating mass is critical to both bicycles and motorcycles. Carbon wheels are about $3000 but remove about 15 lbs from the rotating mass. This is huge for acceleration and for "flickability". Those wheels make the bike feel like a different machine. Magnesium forged wheels are about $1500 - $2200 and are in the middle weight wise between carbon and stock.

I have removed about 35 lbs so far so my dry weight is about 445. That is the same as a stock Ducati 998. I have mapped another 47 lbs to lose possibly. That would bring the Busa in under 400 lbs dry. But it will cost about $4300 more. Most of that is the carbon wheels. If I have a good year in real estate?
Get rid of the toolkit, that's worth three pounds right? Remove the rear caliper and torque arm, you don't need a rear brake. Take off the passenger peg mounts and hang the exhausts with Bailing wire. Remove the battery and bump start the bike every time.

OK just kidding around, but lose the exhaust and hit the gym, two easiest ways to get rid of excess weight. It's easier to find 16 places to lose an ounce rather than one place to lose a pound. Carbon rims sounds awesome but they are way expensive.
I've always heard that every 7 lbs you drop is like picking up 1 HP...but I don't know how accurate that is. It's put me on a diet or two though, and you can feel a difference.
13lbs on the diet so far and its actually saved me money lolololol. All the realistic stuff has already been named...everything else gets into the high $ zone.

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Hey guys, thanks for all the help. Basically if I lose the wife, drop 20lbs myself and make the mods that the guy did in the web link - By busa will have lost 242 lbs! And since it has a Mr Turbo on it I should be right there with the MotoGP guys!

Seriously though - thanks for the info