Dropped your bike...get famous now


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Join the club of those who proudly went before you....Send me a note to secure your number now...

I'm pretty sure when MC busts a rhyme on ya you qualify... speaking from experience. Yep, I qualify.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...WWCD=TNTC = Too Numerous To Count :(You sir get number 15
I wadded one up in 03. Hauled that puppy home in boxes. So I reckon I need a number too!
Tufbusa - IDMBT = #16

You've been covered....Keith bounce checking your gear is free. :)
Dropped twice in driveway...I was leaving and had to let the garage door down and the kickstand played a trick on me! Also dropped with my wife on it. So 3 times and about 1,000.00 later!
Dropped mine once. Kickstands don't work if you don't put them down. Refrigerator checked fall a little. Ended up with a broken mirror base, footpeg and a tiny scuff on the stator cover. Bodywork okay. Pride dented a bit.
We are on a roll...

Adding to the list we have:

#17 - Mythos
#18 - murderwon
#19 - MoeMar
#20 - E Zurcher

All you have to do to get a number is drop your bike! For those not playing, you can just go kick it over in the garage :)
Add me, couldn't remember if I was supposed to "drop the bass" or "drop the busa". Expensive mistake...

Have not dropped the Busa......yet,, hope it stays that way!

But I skated a GSXR600 down the road in the spring of '06, going around a corner and hit the crash cage, it was a stunt bike.

Does that count even though it was not a Busa?
Give me a number! Dropped it within the first two weeks of ownership...front wheel slid out when I hit some graveel turning around at work.