Dropped the Falcon


Well, my stupidity caught up to me today! As I stopped into the gas station to gas up, I didn't look to make sure the side stand was down all the way and I leaned her over and she just fell right over right there at the pump. I was pretty embarrassed to say the least. A couple guys helped me stand the bike back up. Damage was limited to a broken clutch lever, scratched mirror, clutch cover and exhaust can. Surprisingly, not a scratch on the side fairing! I was planning on replacing the levers and mirrors with carbon-look alikes anyway. I guess I have an excuse to go ahead and do that now. A valuable lesson learned today - always "look" to make sure the side stand is down!!
Rule of Thumb

ALWAYS kill it with the stand.  Not the kill switch..........Not the Key..........The STAND
Roll in..........both feet down.........KILL IT WITH THE STAND!

Problem solved...........Almost ate the pump one time meself
I agree with JonnyZ...I almost dropped a friends bike. it was at a 30% angle. I almost blew my back out catching the bike and picking it up to its kickstand position. From that I have always used that method for my busa. And I ALWAYS check to make sure its good before I get off.

But I'm pretty sure you'll never forget again. Cuz that is probably the most embarassing thing you can do on bike without recking it.
nah.. the most embarrasing thing you can do is getting caught "expressing your love for your bike" .. in the physical sense. :blush:

not that I got caught..... but I did worry.

I heard somewhere that killing it with the kickstand is bad in the long run. Comments?

I look down at the kickstand EVERY time I put it down just to make sure. For the same reason.
Dude, sorry about the bad luck...How'd you drop it without touching the fairing? That was definately good luck mixed in...

Seems like the stupidest things happen when your doing the simplest tasks............

I heard somewhere that killing it with the kickstand is bad in the long run.  Comments?

I look down at the kickstand EVERY time I put it down just to make sure.  For the same reason.
Hey Big O.........How is killing the bike with the kickstand any different than killing it with your key?
The only thing I've heard about using the sidestand to kill the engine, is that you won't remember where the cutoff switch is located in an emergency, since you rarely use it.
dude i feel your pain, i think its pretty safe to say just about everyone on this board has had a brain fart with his or her bike. i dropped my superhawk once backing it out of my garage (i was beside it ) it tipped away from me and pulled me on top of it
. look at it this way now you HAVE to buy carbon mirrors and a new exhaust.

I learned that lesson when I had my V Max...  I stopped to talk with someone and sat there on the bike.  Guess I forgot to put the stand  down as I was talking.  I then leaned the bike over to the stand as I was talking getting ready to get off.  I impressed everyone there almost popping a nut trying to catch the bike as it went down. I was lucky the only damage was to my  pride and a mirror.  All I can say is your only human...
What I do when parking is put the stand down and always roll the bike backwards while touching the stand down. This habit makes sure the stand is all the way down and won't fold up. Haven't lost a bike off the stand since 1980, and I don't think I'm welcome back at that dealer yet.
As those have said above. Your not the only one, I did this to a 750 lbs. Vulcan once and it took all my strength and Gods help to pick up the bike. With my Busa Rolling out of my gravel drive way at a cost and I dropped it and had to replace the lower fairing. Don’t worry after a week you won’t be upset anymore. Time heals all wounds


BusaMan.....My busa feels your pain as I dropped my baby a month ago after 30 years of no accidents and no drops. My fairing did get a little scratched up but nothing major. Now I can experiment with taking the thing off for oil changes and not worry about scratches cuz its already scratched.

You will probably never do that again. I had 12 guys admiring my bike when I dropped it. Very embarrassing, but they all helped to bring me back up.

Hang in there.
I heard somewhere that killing it with the kickstand is bad in the long run.  Comments?

I look down at the kickstand EVERY time I put it down just to make sure.  For the same reason.
I heard that somewhere to Big O. I think there was just something in either Cycleworld or Sport Rider recently about that issue..

Sorry to hear about the dropped falcon.. But I'm glad you have a reason to go out and get the carbon pieces

I've developed the habit of kicking the kickstand to insure that its fully in place whenever i stop and plan to get off the bike (not that i would ever or have ever almost lost it because i was about to jump off without putting the kickstand down first)