Dropped it like it was hot!!!


Ok... let me get this out of the way! "/?><@@!#% every cuss and curse word in the world >?@%%Y^&*?(*".
OK, now I'm going to pout a bit...
Alright - Now I'm over it. Probably 12 years since l've dropped a bike!

How: Stoppie - A little aggresive and a little slack on sticking the landing!

Where: Work Parking Lot.

Actually did not drop it... literally lowered it to the ground. I stopped it but I was standing on one leg and it was past the point of no return - for me. If someone was nearby the smallest hand would have saved me $200 bucks. On the upside none of my so-called friends were there to laugh and talk sh$t either.

left side tank cover
Alternator/magneto cover
Silver suzuki emblem
1 plastic fastner

Finally figured out what purpose those large plastic tank covers serve = light weight sliders

For the record most of the damage was done on the lift and not on the way down. I probably slide it an inch or so lifting the beast off the ground.

Also, I was a little panicked because it would not immediately start when I picked it up... As it turns out it was a fuel cut off switch if tipped over.

Anyway, I'm all fixed up good as new... My wife got a good laugh and says she doesn't think she will be able to let me ride her brand new Harley if I'm going to be "dropping bikes everywhere"... jeez she's been riding about a year now and already talk'in smack.




Forgot to mention I scuffed the side of my dress shoe, cost an additional 20 spot to have the scuff polished and buffed out...


Ouch. Sorry to see. I dropped my Busa last fall in my garage, and a few of my friends were there to laugh at me. I was trying to put it on the rear stand. After that I installed the sliders and mounted the grab bar to stay.

Joburg Cowboy

I really feel for you - but you are not alone.

About twenty years ago I had a brand new Kawasaki GTR filled to the brim with petrol and I rode to my local dealer as they were having a Saturday morning bike launch.

When I got there all macho & cool I decided to put my new beauty onto it's centre stand.

Well I lost it and as it slowly fell away from me I sort of tried to hold on for dear life, but was it ever a heavy mother.

There I was in front of a big crowd and I was the clown.

I think we have ALL been there at least once in our lives.




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Hate it but at least you didn't fold the forks and really mess the B-King up. I lowered my Busa to the pavement the second day I had it. Wasn't ready for all the weight.


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Sucks bro and I am glad you were not hurt, but if you are not ready to pay to fix it - you better not stunt on it. :rulez:


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Sorry bro, good friend would not talk trash about a bro dropping his bike, at least not right then. :beerchug:


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well have you learned not to be doin stoppies? you could have fallen flat on your face and broke your good looks


why were you wearing dress shoes to stunt????
Riding to work... It was a beautiful day, feeling good, wasn't trying to impress anyone, rode into my spot at the back of the lot and yanked the brake. I was ending my ride to work the same way I had dozens of times before. Ohhh well, this time it cost me...

Truth is I've never really thought of stoppies and wheelies as "stunting" just the full use of the bike's power and braking... I always thought that if you were going to ride super sports that you better be familiar with the front wheel coming off the ground either on purpose or because of hard acceleration. And stoppies are simply a full exploration of the use of the front brake. Again, I think being able to do stoppies allows you to fully exploit the braking power of the bike. In real life I've done emergency braking that was trying to put me over the handle bars but because I have experience with that feeling I was able to manipulate the front brake and control the bike. No big deal for me but could have been big problem for a newer rider...

Stunting to me is buring tires, standing or sitting any where other than the seat. Any move that requires a back brake lever on the the handle bar... etc. I can't do these maneuvers! and the truth is I have never tried. Correction: I can burn rubber and have. I felt empty and stupid realizing I had burned off a quarter of the usefull life of a $300 dollar tire. I love seeing other people burn their tires...

As for the Shoes:

I always wear Tour Master black textile pants with suspenders, TM optic yellow jacket, gloves and of course a full face helmet but when ride to work I make one concession to conveniance... I wear my lace up brown shoes. Normally I wear ankle high boots!

Dude. Sorry to hear. Did the same thing, but how in the world did you fix it for $200?
I've already fixed it up... Really, I acually laid it on the ground so there was very superficial damage. As I said above I really muffed it up on the lift!

Parts from on-line from Oneida Suzuki

Fuel tank cover $140.99
Magneto cover $47.99
Gasket $4.99
Suzuki silver emblem $17.99
Fastener plastic $2.99

Total 214.95 plus half day of labor including oil change and clutch cover gasket to inspect clutch basket retaining screws per manufacture reccomendation.


Sorry bro, good friend would not talk trash about a bro dropping his bike, at least not right then. :beerchug:

Good point! Although I must confess I've probably - no definately- talked a little - OK... alot - of smack to my buds in their less shining moments. So, it would be right and natural for them seize the moment and mock me like a school girl... Particularly since I wasn't hurt!

"You need to build up those skinny school girl arms"
"Maybe you should stick to your tricycle"
"Dude I don't think they make training wheels for the B king!"
"Don't let the door hit your in the vagina on the way out"

If you dish it - you better be ready to eat some!

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