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Mr Brown

This my first post here, so hello everyone. I am the new owner of a 2000 Busa, I was wondering which mods have the best "bang for the buck" results. It's lowered, got a 0-6 stretch, Yosh RS3 Stainless pipe, but otherwise stock. Any help would be appreciated
Best bang for the buck is a 16 tooth front sprocket. Oh and welcome to the site.
16 T front
39 rear
lowering links
brock ultralight clutch mod
clutch cushion
air shifter

remove all the extra stuff you can. get it as light as possible.

#1 thing.... PRACTICE

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Thanks for the replies, I understand 16t front, but why 39r? I thought 40 was stock. Don't I want to go up in rear? Forks have been internally lowered, do I still need to strap it? What is a clutch cushion? How about airbox/PAIR mods?
THe airbox mod and pair valve help too. I would get rid of the yoshi and get a real drag pipe like a BDE. You might want to get a powercommander i didnt notice that in your mod list. I ve also seen folks at the track with only one front brake...dont know what it does. straping should get you lower and a shinko. after taht you should be good
Hey what part of il you stay in maybe we can roll to the track together
With a extended arm..gear for sure!!

And Power commander and maybe some dyno tuning
air box mod and all short stacks
PAIR sucker Mod

And If your going to drag race..lower it using dog bones and a front strap,a air shifter and shift light would Be nice..why not ad a DRY NOS Kit while your at it!!

Wecome to the site and good luck!!
Thanks for the replies, I understand 16t front, but why 39r? I thought 40 was stock. Don't I want to go up in rear? Forks have been internally lowered, do I still need to strap it? What is a clutch cushion? How about airbox/PAIR mods?
16/39 gearing at the track seems to produce the fastest times in my area. I've ran against another guy with 16/39 gearing at the track and I usually hang with him until the 1/8th and then he pulls 3-4 bikes in the last 1/8th. He usuallly runs 3/10ths faster than me with the same mods.
Whats the advantage of all short stacks? and also short stacks are the rubber pieces at the bottof the air box right
I live in Harrisburg, about an hour from you, Him. I've got it dropped with the bones, one front brake was originally for weight savings, now it's a trendy mod-I like to be able to stop when I want to so I'll leave them both on........PCII from Brocks w/ map loaded for acc. seems to be the route to go. Dry shot and new pipe when the budget(girlfriend/kids) will allow, I'm just gonna gut the Yosh for now. 16/39 seems to work best huh? Gotta get a new chain anyway, so I'll change them at the same time. A Shinko was on the list as soon as my P.O.S. Bridgestone is done...Not long I hope
I'm definitely up for cruising to the track, we usually go to I57 Raceway in Benton, 1/8 mile, but there's quite a few bikes. Where do you go?
I usually go to gateway international race way. its a 1/4 mile track. Dont really like to do 1/8ths cause i kinda want that chance to catch up. Tell you what ill roll down your way and we can roll to the track when the weather gets nice.

Did you take your pair valve off? also you should have already had a PC with the yoshi full system. Im just saying go bde but i wouldnt get ride of my exhaust unless it just wasnt functional
I just bought it last week, no PC, the guy I bought it from said it was "jetted" for the pipe. I didn't know you could jet a fuel injected bike.......:laugh:It's a 2000,silver and blue, lowered, 0-6 stretch, chrome rims and arm polished frame,rs-3, I think everything else is stock. Seems slower than my friend's 12, but its modded pretty good,pc3r,Akro, down 1 front, up 2 rear sprkts etc. I waint to take the pair off, but I want to get all the things I can to do all at one time.PC,Pair, Airbox mod, sprockets, gut the pipe. Thats my mod plan so far, shouldn't cost too much but should give pretty good performance when done, whaddya think? What days/nites do they run up at Gateway? I'm up for it. I wish the weather would quit this nonsense...........
Mr Brown

Hey man I live in Herrin we should go riding sometime.

The owner probably had the stock ecm bumped up with a Yosh box?/doesn't really make a difference..get a pc for sure with a good map..and all short stacks helps the air go in the motor faster.

And dont take the PAIR system off..make it into a vacuum pump to add a few ponies..
With a 6 inch stretch you will need more gearing then 16-39 for sure. I would go 16-40 ( 40 is stock on the rear) and see how that does then try a 42. I run 16-40 on my stock wheelbase busa and I don't think it will be enough gear for a 6 over arm.
E racer, where's the thread for the pair pump mod? My buddy has that done on his 12, seems to work good. I'll try 16-42,should work with a Shinko. Where do I find short stacks?
i just got my busa in august so ive only been to the track twice but ive been modding with the intention of going again. there is a schedule on gatewayraceway.com or something like that. test and tunes are thursdays and friday and events are the weekends. Hey Jmaz we should all get together and hang out sometime. Hey did you say the bike had an akro pipe on it? Should have kept it and forgot the yoshi
Yeah re-gearing should be your first move since you need a chain anyway...I run 16/42 and love it for the street and the track...Get a Power Commander and a good map to go with that Yosh...