Drag Busa's


How do to all those who do the drags. I've run up on a slight problem....I can't seem to get second gear to hook at the track. All I've done to my bike since the last visit is lower it. Now second gear 9: the rear. How much air should I run in the back? Had 30lbs, now have 20. I plan on trying that this Friday. Any recommendations on tire pressure? If this doesn't solve it, then what? Maybe positive traction? :D

How are you shifting into 2nd gear? Foot shifting with NO clutch lever or are you staying full throttle and popping the lever?

If you are shifting without the lever, what is your gearing and are you using the stock tire?

What kind of 60's are you getting and does the track you run on suck?

It's hard to say without watching you launch but we'll see what we can do.

Josh :cool:
Stock tire. Good track. I hold her wide open and just slap the clutch when it's time. My 60 ft isn't too bad, usually 1.70's to 1.80's. And when I hit second, it hooks for about 10 ft and then just lets loose. Stock gearing for now.

I think your clutch slips for a split second when you shift like that and then it grabs quick causing you to spin.

Try shifting without the clutch lever! If you do it right, you will improve your time and MPH!

Also, I wouldn't go to low on air pressure. If it hooks at 20 psi, I would slowly keep raising the pressure until it spins(once it does spin, back off a lb. or 2 of PSI). You are actually hurting your ET/MPH if you go to low on the tire pressure!

Let us know how that works and you should be in the low 1.6-high 1.5's with your setup in the 60'!

Josh :cool: