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Dis in my way!
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I am very sorry for any inconveniences that the downtime caused today. It has been a very hectic week, with little sleep and trying to prepare this site for better things I made a mistake this morning. My mind has been way out this week, I have been mainly working on a project at work and today was the day for the project execution. I had to reduce the work force in my department by 40 people and my mind has been entirely focused on that task. The board is back up and I hope to see your activity back as well. Once again I apologize, this was entirely my bad.....






Dis in my way!
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To make up for my screw up I will do my very best to have the Hayabusa microfiche and Hayabusa manual up on the main site this weekend..


This site is getting better by the day.

Keep up the good work.

Sorry about the poop task you had to do at work. Hopefully the economy will get rolling soon.



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Never missed a beat Cap, very sorry for the situation at work. I would not wish that task on anyone. All is well here. :beerchug:


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So, if I was typing the whole time the site was that kinda like asking myself a question out loud and then giving my self the answer?

:boxing: Which personallity won?


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:cheerleader: I love zombie threads. I was thinking to mahself, self, when did it go down?

The scary thing is that self answered, "while you sleep, I post from your laptop"


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I never noticed the date either. The "having to reduce the work force by 40 people" goes along with the current conditions to a T.
I just figured it went off while I was at work, and came back on before I got home.:laugh:


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Wow, I didnt even look at the date. I thought, well, I didnt know the site went down, but OK. :laugh:
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