Doofus question


I was reworking my wiring and aiming my HID headlight today. After I finished up I went to connect the front turn signal harness to...whatever it goes to... and I couldn't find the matching connector.

Anyone feel like telling me what/where it is?

Thanks guys.
To my knowledge one small white connector on the clutch side of the nose that connects to it's mate located directly below the clutch grip beneath the upper inner panel, coming off a large bundle of wires running along the top of the clutch side air duct. Your text color is bad, in a negative way.
+1 - What he said.

+1 on the text color - it's really hard to read.
Here is mine.
Thanks for the much needed help guys. When I was putting it together today I *knew* the matching plug was there somewhere but after searching for it for an hour I kind of lost faith. Tomorrow after it warms up I plan to attack the problem again.

and yes, yellow sucks. I know I never chose that color for my posts. Who knows.