Dog bones / lowering links

No and no

I've done mine several times with a spanner, a paddock stand (rear race stand) and a small hydrolic jack to lift teh rear into place.

If you haven't done it before, you might want a friend around to double check what you're doing and to stop the Busa from wobbling, as the bolts will be pretty tight.
Used a 5/8" steel bar through the swing arm joint and an engine hoist to lift her up and used a hydraulic jack under the rear wheel to get everything lined up. Had to use a long breakerbar the first time to get the nuts loose... PO definitely had over torqued them.
Imapact is nice when doing em, but a big ol breaker bar will get it done. Like Pan said, a rear stand and a small jack will work or an engine hoist, or hanging.the rear from the ceiling. It's just a matter of unloading the suspension while you swap the links.