Does this sound right?


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My insurance is only wanting to give me $8100 for my bike, with these accessories. Shinko tire, double bubble, Yosh TI header, Hotbodies undertail, and soupy's lowering kit. I cant win for nothing :banghead:. So i contacted a lawyer and waiting for them to call me back
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They won't pay for ur mods. Take the money and get urself a new ride.
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I didn't know insurance would pay for accessories. They might just be going off of retail price. Come to think of it my insurance payed for the rims on my car when it was stolen. Do you have receipts for everything?
You will never get your cash money value back for most accessories....Especially the tires.
Unless you purchased a special policy you can forget about getting any money for mods. The ins. co. will only give according to book value.
$8100 ? I think that is pretty good.. your accessory list really is not all that large.. (pretty standard beginning mods)... did they tell you what the buy back was on the bike?

(a lot of the mod lists here run as much as the bike itself, I had to hide my total)
Tires are definitely not an accessory lawlz!! More like a necessity. Can't get too far without them.

Generally, when you get your insurance, you claim whatever accessories/modifications you have so they can offer you coverage on that also. If you didn't do that, they're just going to give you whatever it costs to get your bike back to the condition it was before the accident. 8100 bucks for an 07 sounds pretty fair to me. You can get a used 08 for that price.
Unless you take out coverage on the mods beforehand, or unless there is a $$ alotment for mods in your policy they will not compensate for mods. For example, one of the policies I used to have covered $1000.00 in mods.

Not sure most insurance companies are going to pay "Retail" value on the bike.. they typically pay somewhere between wholesale and retail.. (replacement costs) depending on where in the country you are..

now if you go get a lawyer, what do you expect to get ? and do you come out ahead after the lawyer socks you with his bill? maybe 1/3 of recovery? he is not going to do a thing for under a couple grand I bet... (watch any papers you sign, you could end up loosing a lot more than you gain here)
Your probably right, they are probably going by wholesale. I also have $1000 for accessories on my policy. I dont know how that works but i will call about it.
It was a lil over $8100 and they are gonna add sales tax to that then minus my deductable and buy back price. I guess it not that bad for the value. My bike only has 3086 miles on it though.
I had a similar experience last year on my van due to a hit and run. I talked with the adjustor, complaining about the price and they raised the price by a couple of hundred. If all else fails try negotiating.
Take the money and run...straight to the bike shop for a new ride...:laugh:
Everyone is right, mods will be hard to get covered, and by the time you get your attorney involved, no matter how good of a friend he is, it'll cost you more than if you just took the money
Ya i forgot about the helmet. I dont want to put the pc3 and spedo healer cuz i can sell them and get my money back. I didnt add my frame sliders, kickstand, tank pads, rear sprocket, and tune :laugh: I doubt they will take the tune into account but its worth a shot to throw it in there
Work performed and wear parts don't count, don't be silly man :poke:. Unless you had extra insurance I wouldn't even waste the phone call.