Does anyone know anything about Lee's Performance?


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Lee's Performance is the closest performance shop that I can find that has specific knowledge of the Busa.

Has anyone dealt with them? What were the results, and would you recommend?

I'm looking at the possibility of having them do some turbo work for me this next year. After all the people raving about turbo, I think I'm going to go for it...

Thanks in advance, and Happy Holidays!
You are kidding, right?
Yeah, I suppose Lee's performance is a decent shop........LOL
Seriously, he is one of the premiere bike tuners in the country, hell probably the world. Check out or and do a search on his name, Lee Shierts.
Cool. I truly didn't know who he is. I guess I'm lucky he's in my back yard (sort of).
hey juggler there's an article about his shop with the comparisions between nitro and turbo. in SUPER STREETBIKE ,really good article check it out
Lee is the man all motor,nitrous,or turbo,if you can buy it he can build it....There is a shop in SC,that is building some monsters too...Cycle Concepts,tell'em i sent ya...
Ride with a guy here that has a motor bike built by Lee...It's bad azz...It's also has NOS...I don't know what bore or what shot of NOS...
I hear he builds some of the gnarliest ALL MOTOR Busas around. Good stuff.
Lancaster, SC
Dwayne McKinney
Tell him i sent ya and he will get you right for the right amount of money...He underrated,not highly publicized....and he is good.

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i wonder what the turnaround time would be.. good shops are always backed up big time
As usual, you can go as fast as your wallet will take you. Blake @ Gann Custom Speed does some killer work too. There not that far from you. They're in Stoneville, NC. I think he just bought a new dyno too. They run NHRA Pro Stock.

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