does anyone here do their own valve adj?


does anyone here do their own valve adjustments?
i have looked all over for this information before i asked.
I have always done my own valve adjustments because the kids at the suzuki shop does such poor work.  i found 2 plugs loose and the rubber pad on top of the engine just stuffed up in the corner.  i wonder if they really even do the valves at all.
so having never taken a vehicle to a shop in my life [ bought this bike used ]  and found things like this , i want to do my own work.
to cut to the chase ,  how hard is shim under bucket?
i will at least go in and check the clearance myself.  then re check after it comes back from the shop.
just seems like a lot of money to pay for sloppy work , or none at all.
I've never done a busa, but have done my Kaw shims. For the Kaw, you need a special tool to hold down the valve so you can fish out the shim if need be. Then if you need shim or shims, you have to go to the shop to buy them, probably not cheap. If you have a good working relationship with the shop, they may swap you. I'm sure they have a bucket of them that they swap out.
Bottom line, can be done, just a pain in the a$$.
Good news, I found my Kaw to be amazingly stable over the
years. Once setup right, it didn't change.
Good Luck, let us know how you fared. :cool:
if you have never pulled cams Don't do it!!!!!
but Of all the busas I have doneI would say that 99.97% of them valves are in spec even after 40K
thanks Johnnycheese for the reply. I think i will check them myself and if they need adjustment i will have the shop do it , then check their work myself. :beerchug: