does anyone have an xtra rear axle & nut?


sorry to post this here. i posted it in classafied but not everyone looks there and i need this part pretty bad. if anyone has an xtra rear axle and nut they want to sell or give away :) please let me know asap. it needs to fit a 00 year hayabusa....also can anyone help me on this.....i was looking on ebay and saw a rear axle and nut for a 01 busa and it looked alot different from mine. are they interchangeable?
Dude they are the same. Sorry I don't have any extra, if I did, I'd get it in the mail to you. I think I can see what you are talking about on the 2001 listed on ebay. The left side, opposite of the nut seems thicker and rounded.
I believe that it is just the angle the photo was taken. The beveled edge is hard to see. Here is a photo of mine 2001

if u do the research.. i have extra one or 2 off a 96 1100 and they may be the same.. check to make sure and if they are let me know email me directly and ill get it to u
the item # on ebay im talking about is 2445080800 my axle doesnt have those spacers or bushings or whatever those are. what are they for?
the things in the pic dont look like adjuster plates to me. looks like some metal bushings on each end with some round black plastic spacers also....what is that stuff...its not on my 00 model
Actually one of the hayabusa rear axles is mine. If you have any questions about it I'll be glad to answer them if i can