Doc, I feel your pain!


Hey Doc,

I definitely feel your pain.   I was riding with a group of 20 riders and we came to a stop sign when we noticed about half the group was missing, so I turned around and went about 10 miles back hoping that noone had gone down.  When I realized they must have taken another route, I decided to turn around and go back.  As I was doing the U-turn, under 5 mph, same as in a parking lot, I hit some really large gravel.  I hit the ground before I could say, "Oh s*#%".  

To say this almost made me sick, is an understatement.  The bike is only 6 months old and I've got about 6K miles on it.  Looked great till now.  I've got huge gouges in the left-side fairing, left-side exhaust can, clutch cover, front wheel fender where it slid across 1 and 2 inch gravel.   I didn't even scratch the handle bar weight on the left and barely scratched the clutch lever.  

I didn't get hurt, not even a scratch.  A couple of motorists stopped to check on me and help me pick up the bike.   Anyway, I'll post some pictures of the bike after I mentally recover from this.   The bike has nothing wrong with it otherwise, thank goodness, purely cosmetic, but it sure looks bad at the moment.
Damn, that really sux. At least you had a reason, like gravel. My drop was probly one of the silliest next to doc's.
STUNNAH Posted on Dec. 29 2002,4:40
Gotta be more careful gents... [/QUOTE]

Stunnah, that's the sad part. I had been telling myself all day today that I wasn't taking any chances, and that I just wanted to enjoy the nice weather, etc., etc. I had been staying at least 4 or 5 car lengths between the person in front of me, I was watching for gravel in the road, and I was definitely not riding to my limits because all the rain we've had the last two months has washed all kinds of garbage on the road. Then when I go to do a parking lot maneuver to turn around in the road, I hit some large gravel that I apparently didn't see at all. I must have been looking too far ahead. Anyway, it's all mine. Noone else's fault.
oh man.. that sucks..

The rest of us gotta be extra careful.. these things ALWAYS happen in three's... make sure it's not yours!!
Ben glad to her you are all right. The bike is repairable not that hard to fix. Exhaust cans are not hard to find. The Busa will ride another day.
Sorry to hear about your bike, Ben. Atleast it's still rideable and very glad to hear that you are ok.
Yup, I've got full coverage insurance so that's not an issue. I think I just feel like an idiot and talking about it on the board makes me feel better about the whole thing.
i cry for you brother did that to mine cost 500 for new panal but is a distant memory now that its fixed. so bite the bullet fix with new and forget it ever happened.
BusaBen, OUCH! Yep, it really sux bad to drop these beauties. You got more damage than me so it probably will pay you to go to insurance. I also have full coverage, but I am hesitant to turn it in for fear of rate hikes that will cost more than the damage. I am looking at $600 to for new plastics, I do not think I will bother with a new stator cover, but it did get biffed some too.

Sorry to hear of your loss but glad you are not hurt. And look at the bright side, your accident was far far less stupid than mine!
Sorry to here about yer mishap..hurt's to see it in the garage that way..I know...Havn't "ALL" of us had something like that happen....Been riding since 1971.....Oh yea..more than once.
30 mph lowsides and zero mph crash too.alway's sucks.
All pain will pass..when shiny again..