Do you tuck in your riding boots?

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I bought a pair of cheapie riding boots on Ebay......gimme a break, I'm married, 3 kids PLUS I just spent a fortune on cool looking LED lights for my Busa. ;)

Where was I? Oh yeah, are you supposed to tuck your pants legs into your riding boots? The reason I ask is that the other day I rode to work in 91F weather and I had my pants legs pulled over the boots. My feet got super heated and sweaty. It actually seemed to heat up my whole body. The next day I tucked the pants legs into the tops of the boots and it helped quite a bit in cooling my feet off.

But, the key here is that I don't want to look like a goober by tucking my pants in if that's the fashion disaster of sport biking.

I know, I'm vain, but what can you do?
you are a goober... get over it.. :rofl: I tuck my leathers in but not my pants (half goober) :laugh:
I guess it depends on the style of boots. Leathers are tucked into riding boots.

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I tuck in everything. I hate shid flapping around.

Too hot to wear leather pants here in the Tejas. I wear ballistic mesh pants.

Should I be a mother tucker or not?
I tuck my jeans in for the ride to work, then pull them out while in the office, then re-tuck for the ride home. Can't stand it when the jeans grab on the peg when putting my foot down.
If you are smart, you'll tuck as to not hang your pant leg on the foot peg at a red light and end up with a very embarrassing tip over :whistle:
I have monster feet, so they get tangled up in my pegs anyway. Luckily I have Incredible Hulk muscles and can catch my Busa before it hits the ground.

Okay, so I have 12 pack abs, so what?
Tuck em in, you dont want to hang your pant leg on the peg when you are trying to put your foot down.
If you are smart, you'll tuck as to not hang your pant leg on the foot peg at a red light and end up with a very embarrassing tip over :whistle:
I had one of those moments... I had a "cuffed" dress slack on and rolled up to a light... took off and SNAG.... The stupid peg scraper caught my cuff and had my foot locked down and I could not get my leg up... (kind of a backwards problem huh?)

kind of a scary moment because every time I tried to clear it, my foot was on the ground...
Never tuck my jeans in. It just looks too stupid walking around in a store like some drug store cowboy. I wear two inch longer than usual jeans so that the legs don't blow back over the tops of the boots at speed. That really looks stupid if you get off and your jeans are around the top of your boots.

Never caught my jeans on a peg. Guess there is always a first time. Now you've got me paranoid. I can see it happening. The leg catches on the peg, you can't get it off and on the ground fast enough, then you fall over like some geek. Jeez you guys are perverse.
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I tuck my jeans inside my boots when I wear the Oxtars, but with my Shift Fuel shoes there's no tuckin' goin' on.