Do you service your own bike?


Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style
Evidently so does Dani Padrosa. :rofl:


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Someone tell Dani's bike that he has things mixed up :laugh:

The bike gets rode not the rider
David Copperfield got nuthin' on this guy.

"And now Ladies and Gentlemen for my next trick,I shall attempt to run myself over with a high performance motorcycle!"

"Folks Please,Do Not try this at Home!"

Go ahead laugh! Frankly - I don't recall this "get off", but how did he get down there? That's gotta hurt!
Thats the most dedicated rider I've ever seen-
benching his OWN bike, in Full Race Leathers w/lid on...this guy trains more hard-core than MMA fighters:bowdown:
He's not servicing the bike, That bike is Servicing HIM, and he LIKES it!
Many world class riders develop what can only be described as an intimate relationship with their machines. With such devotion, such total focus, it's not surprise that this behavior, which often becomes obsessive, leads to the exclusion of other hobbies, freinds and even family.'s an early pic of Fred Flintstone as he arrives to the track and is greeted by the family pet, Dino.

Now, back to the obsessive bond between rider and machine...