Do you need a new wheel for 200 tires?


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My first rear tire (OEM) lasted 5,000 miles. When I wanted to put on the monster 200 instead of a 190, the mechanics talked me out of it. I still want a 200, I know it makes corning more difficult and slower, but I'm not Rossi racing a GP bike. I've heard that it will change the balance (front/back) for example: on a bumpy freeway your front or rear feels like its loose or squirrelly. But is that something a non racer is even going to feel. Also I've heard that a 200 on the stock wheel would fold when your scraping pegs, any truth in that?
Anyone out there who put a 200 on stock wheel, then got a wider wheel with a 200 tire on it? Any difference between'em?
the tire that comes stock with the Bus is a 190. when fitted on the rim its a 197. To answer your question, you have been basically riding on a 200 all along there is no problems with them as far as I have heard. If you tend to corner hard, be carefull cause my rear slips some times (of course I got a 6" over arm) if your stock wheelbase then go for it.


Used to be a SoCal Busa
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I'm not worried that an stock 190 might fold when scraping pegs,
but putting a 200 non-stock could on a stock wheel.  I'm told you need a lager wheel to safely ride on a 200 tire.
from my understanding, gsxr750's and less have a 5.5" rear rim. the liter bikes and the busa have a 6" wide rim, which allows them to use a 200 rear tire, it'll work, but like they said, you'll lose flickabiliity and turn in.

I'm thinking about going to a 180/55



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I went to the Michelin Pilot Hpx 200/50/17 at 2400 miles.
Changed over the rear myself, to prevent gouging of the rim.
No problems getting the old off or new one on.I used 3 tire spoons with plastic rim protectors, then I used my freinds balancer and off I went.
The tire is excellant over the stock Bridgestone's
You will just get a slightly smaller contact patch.
Timmyduck do you have a tire change setup at home, if so post a pic, where did you get it and how much? if not, where did you get the tire spoons and covers.
I've been running Michelin Pilot Sport HPX's 200/50/17 on my bike for the last 8000 miles, no problems. 200's work great unless your a really hardcore twisties guy.

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