Do you like your Busa lowered or at stock height

How did you lower your Busa? Front and rear? I would like to
lower mine, but was under the impression it would likely hurt the
handling. Do you think it improved your handling or left it about
the same?
I ordered all of the stuff to lower mine so I post how I like it when I get it installed. I have talked to a couple of people that like it better lowered. Plus it just looks better.
I don't think I can agree with lowering improving handling in the corners. I think that may be on how much corner speed that you carry. Again I saw the Formula Extreme race bike and if lowering was the ticket they went the opposite direction. Wish I had a pic to show you guys. If your a straight line guy lowering works (I assume) I take her throught the canyons and lowering would have me dragging parts.

Marc "Howlin Mad"
I've lowered mine 2" in back and 1" up front.  It handles good, but not as well as the stock setup.  I cannot push as hard into the coners and have to hold my line.  I use the Busa power when coming out of a turn, but not to early. If your into the twisty roads you might want to raise the rear end.

If your into going fast in a straight line, lowering is the way to go. I just like the look and feel of the Busa lowered, but there are some limitations.
I agree with Howlin. I have one of the few turbos around that are not lowered or stretched. This thing will corner with the best. I was told I need to lower to hit 200+mph speeds also, but I have been there with no problem. Every week someone tries to talk me in to lowering or stretching, but nota....
I'll have to agree with Marc......however, lowering the front definitely makes the bike handle better. I'm talking like 6-8 millimeters though.