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Got nearly 5k miles outa this tire then went out in the orchard roads Sat night and burned the rest off... then a neighbor wanted to go for a cruise sunday afternoon ummmm , OK, and we ended up goin about 40 miles. When I got allmost home, everytime I cranked the throttle the rear spun like never before, couldnt lift the nose at all ... WTH. Got home and found this lookin back at me. :eek:
AGGH, yea I think so!!!!!!
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Ok I forgot to add the rest of the story... How many of you's change your own tire? I used to have my firends in Hawaii at a custom chopper shop use the machine which took about 20 seconds $5 off & $5 on $10 and they check the balance for free. WOW Cali dealers either wont touch a tire they didnt sell ya or $28 - $40 for those that would. SHEEEESH LOUISE! So I decide to do it myself, I allways pull the rim and tire from the busa so thats no swet, however tryin to break the bead was a monster! After multiple hrs and tools, ie. vise, plyers, dremel, hacksaw, bolt cutters...
I finally got it off. Then new tire takes about half as long to get on but I was determined and ..... sucess! :cussing: :rant:

Maybe $28 aint lookin too bad next time, damn Cali is expensive! :super:
I bet it was spinning/sliding a lot. I did that on my Superhawk once, and it was spinnin like crazy rather than wheelieing... With a fraction of the torque of a busa.
Yup, Don't make us start a "Buy HawaiiBusa Some New Rubbers" thread man...

Looks like you got your money's worth though...
I can relate...I was very surprised when I got home after a 100 mile ride when I looked at my tire. SCARY!!!

Man it ain't safe to get anywhere near that much wear. I value my life too much to go past the wear marks on any tire, then it's time to replace it or park it until I can afford a new tire. That is scary. I hope you did not ride in the wet with a tire like that. Geez you are lucky.
ouch...that is scary! Glad you made it back home without incident! :)
i had my tire once down to about that thin and it was very hard to keep it heading in the right direction. Every time i would lean it over the thing would ketch and get traction and then when i went straight it would goi sideways, very hard to ride like that. Hope you get it changed soon though man.
Wow, you guys need to find some curves!

Ever try those AVON tires? they are supposed to have denser belt in the center so it doesn't wear out as fast. I still haven't found anyone to give me some good info on them yet.
You guys need to start taking some corners!  Look at all that waisted tread on the outside! j/k

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I can relate...I was very surprised when I got home after a 100 mile ride when I looked at my tire.  SCARY!!!
Look at those chicken strips! Does your mother know you take corners like a girl? j/k :bounce:

Kidding guys/gals...................have fun and be carefull! It's like riding on glass when you get down to the cords!

People, people,people ... U gotta read the post. I lit the rear up in a stand still on Sat nite as I was planning to change the next day and ended up goin for a little cruise and oops a little too far. Anyway as u can see I'll lean it over to about a 1/4 inch from the edge no knee draggin or peg scrapin for me, oh and not hard on the throttle in the turns either. I broke the rear loose once and had a very close call with a high side :eek:
Nope not me no mo!

Anyway all is well and new tire is on a scuffed in. :)