Do turbo busas really warp reality this much??


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We just got (2) 06 Vipers in at work for some testing. I took the convertible for a quick test ride, in the city so only went up to 80 mph or so 1st and 2nd gear WOT, not impressed at all. WOuld much rather my turbo busa.

I thought it would light the tires up and dance around, it does have 345's on the rear, I just through 500 hp in a car would feel different than that.



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In the Viper you must still overcome Gravity, Wind and a host of other Real World problems...
However, the Hayabusa tends to Fold Time and Space for you enjoyment...
Quite often the uphoria can cause an erection faster than either Viagra or Cialis...
I rented a GTS in Vegas a few years ago. I had a HARD time with tire spin in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Needless to say I loved it.
Yes, a turbo busa warps your sense of reality!

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