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I found out this morning that a co-worker of mine lost his wife.

He woke up Saturday morning and found she had passed away. She was not sick, and had nothing wrong as far as he knew.

You never know when God will call you home, never let a day go by that you do not let those you love know how you feel about them. Life is short, live it like you mean it. Celebrate your love and relationships, show you care by whatever means you can. You just never know.

Thoughts and prayers go out today to the Davis family.
Sorry to hear, but this is a good reminder. Thanks.
Prayers sent. She must have had some condition, nobody dies from perfect health.
prayers sent... like Don always said.. Every Day is a Gift. Cherish it.
Wow James, that is hard to imagine. Prayers sent for the family & friends. It will be a much better place, but I'm not ready yet.
Absolutely, never miss a chance to tell the ones you love how you feel about them. I wake my wife and son up before I go to work just for that reason. There is no way of knowing if it might be your last chance. I am very sorry to hear this news.
Wow, incredibly sad. I can't imagine...yep, I agree, live each day to the fullest because you never know when your day will come...
Reminds me of this vid....:thumbsup:

- Live Like You Were Dying - The Bucket List (Music Video)[/url]

Prayers sent.
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