Do i need to remap?

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I have installed Yoshi RS-3 Race slipons on my 2001 busa.  I was told when I bought them that I wouldn't need to remap but I have heard from other sources that I do.  Can anyone help with me with the answer.
Depends on if you have any other Mods. You will not need to re-map for Slip on's only. Slip ons plus BMC filter still not re-map, anything beyond it is a good idea to max. the output.
I have not added any other mods. I was told that the bike was running lean. Can you tell that just from revving it up? Not wanting to race this bike but I do want it to run as effieciently as possible. What other mods would you suggest?
I started off with my 01' running about 151hp with stock everything. Went with 2 Brothers oval cans and a BMC airfilter, which was about 160hp. Start with a little bit if you are not real inteested in just Hp (like sound looks etc.). Slip- ons are not cheap but I ran mine for about 4 months, and then sold them when I went to a full system. Part of the fun for me was doing a little bit at a time. I just finished doing some healthy Mods this weekend which takes me up 187hp (waiting for good weather). Just do what your comfy. with. Slip ons have a great deep sound if that is what you are interested in, and will get you maybe 1 1/2- 2 1/2 add'l hp.
I already believe that this bike is way to much for me. I have just started canyon carving it and just love the power. I will take your advice and do it slow. I have a lot to learn about the technology involved in the hayabusa and making it perform like the champ that it is! Thanks for the help and advice.