Do i need these parts


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Since i'm gonna start drag racing i wanted to get a dynojrt lcd screen to go with the power commander and i found a deal but it comes with an ignition module and a dyna rev limiter and i was wondering if i need the extra 2 parts besides the lcd screen


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you've got to really figure out what kind of drag racing you plan on getting into. If it's just for a little fun every once in a while then you really don't need to invest in parts but instead in track time.


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I plan on drag racing alot. But then again plans never go as planned LOL:thumbsup: I can get all 3 parts for about $400 shipped but was just wondering if i need the other 2 parts as a beginner drag racer. I still want the lcd screen regardless
If nothing else get all the parts and resell what you dont want or need to help offset the cost of the ones you keep. If you plan on running NOS at some point keep the ignition module, but the rev limiter really wont serve any use as its built in already. Seat time is the best thing when your starting out. Some of your biggest gains will come from better reaction times and 60 & 330ft improvments. Best of luck and have fun. :thumbsup: Once your riding buddys learn your drag racing, dont let them push you into a race on the street, tell them you'll gladly runem' at the strip-they'll be lost when you leave them at the tree by 3-4 bikes out of the hole:thumbsup:


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First buy all the parts, than sell them on ebay and buy some black paint...! :poke:
400 sounds like a good price... I say get'em if it won't hurt your pockets... Seat time is gonna be the best thing for ya right now... Good Luck...!


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come up to Osceola Dragstrip on friday nights...its 8 minutes from my house and is 1/4 mile track not the wossy 1/8 mile ....lots of busa's out there been runing for 8 or more years...very good guys, will help you out and take side bets too...

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