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I did this on mine a couple years ago. But since I have slash cut mids, I never notice the clicking lol
I did similar to mine, only change was I did not use the adaptor harness. Instead I used a dremel tool with the thinnest cut-off wheel to make a slit down the two spades to allow the small harness wires to slip right on them. So all I had to do was add a ground wire and tape off the exposed connectors.
for those havign problems finding the led EP-35 flasher, here is a quick fix for the regular ep-35 and ep-36 flaser, just remove the second right lead from the T-40 chip, this is the one that alerts via a dashboard when there is a light out. it work like a charm for me for about 1 year so far. just make sure when you are looking at it, that the coil is away from you. simple as that:


OK, now that the two wires are loose we need to hook them up to the flasher. Look at the bottom of the flasher - you should see some markings, specifically: 'B', 'E', and 'L'

In this picture, 'E' is on top, 'B' is on bottom, and 'L' is on the left.

The BROWN wire connects to 'E'
The LIGHT BLUE wire connects to 'L'
and 'B' needs to be grounded.
Thanks Omslaw!!
Just did this mod, the only discrepancy I noticed with the relay I used is that B goes to Brown and E goes to Ground.
I must be getting lazy because after running this in the last 5 busas I've own.. I have yet to install the set I made for the 12...
I have a 2006 and I installed switchback LEDs in the front turn signals. I tapped that unused Euro 12volt power wire near the headlight. I love having the front signal lights ON all the time like white DRLs and then blink amber when I hit the signal switch. I also changed the brake light and the rear turn signal lights to LEDs. I used a 7 pin OEM-like "LED" flasher relay that I found on Amazon but it is failing.
I'm not a big fan of cutting into and or moding the factory wiring, especially a relay that also control the bike's fuel pump.
So my question is this, will this mod work with switchback LEDs?? Will I need a 7 pin LED relay or do I use the bike's OEM relay??
I do like that this mod will give you that "CLICK CLICK" sound! !
i did the relay mod shown in my previous post on my 06 with all lights being led's, and work at the standard flashing rate. all you needed to do was pull the turn signal wires from the factory connector and wire it to the relay. good lock with your progress.


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You need to get a set of rear turn signal sockets and install them in the front. The extra wire is hooked up to constant +12V and used for the 'running light' portion of the switchback.
Once all that is hooked up, your LED turn signals will now flash at the original DOT rate!!

I have a CA LED board in back, switchback LED's up front, AND LED's in the mirrors - everything flashes at the OEM, DOT rate!

Note, with this mod, you will hear the flasher clicking just like a car when your turn signals are on.


Just wanted to say I followed this write up 10 years ago but realized I never got to say thank you!!

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