DIY how to custom fit your seat to your butt


I do a lot of miles in a year and every bike I get I mess with the seat trying to make it more comfortable. I figured it out on my last bike (a VFR) after many attempts and have now used what I learned on that one for my newest Hayabusa seat.

I started with a Suzuki gel seat because I had one and I liked the cover, but this same principle can be applied to any seat material. The seat shown here is shaped a bit different because it has been modified for other reasons.


I wanted to raise my seat height 1/2 inch to relieve my knees a bit so rather than cut the original foam down and put the rebond foam back in it's place, I added a 1/2 inch layer of rebond foam directly on top of the original foam. Before starting I sat on the seat and marked where my tail bones hit the seat when in my most common riding position. I cut holes in the rebond foam, as you can see in the photo, into which I will later insert a softer foam.


I cut the rebond foam into two pieces and glued it to the top of the seat so that there is an empty channel running down the middle.


I shaped the foam using an electric bread knife to get nice rounded edges and then glued 2.0 lbs density foam into the round cut-outs I had made earlier. I left the center channel empty to allow the two halves of the seat some freedom to move and also to relieve pressure in the center area, for obvious reasons.

All the supplies needed to do this can be bought online at quite inexpensively.