DIY home security system


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Has anyone installed their own secerity system? Moving to a new home and would like to add something that covers windows / doors and fire. Basically while we are home, but a phone dialer would also be nice. Just looking to see if anyone has done their own. looking to recommendations on systems. I like the wireless systems but interested in the stories of the good and bad. what to do and what not to do.


"Has anyone installed their own secerity system?"

yep...i gotta small yappy dog...a cockateil...a parakeet annnnnd?.....

a glock...w/ night sights.
suppose if you REALLY value your stuff, get a pro to do it IMO.. they know the ins/outs of installing and if you are going to have monitored services, most will do the install for you anyway.. I would add to the "to get" list is a DVR system that you can hide in the house in case it is broken in to.. well set up and hidden it could prove pretty valuable to LEO's.. Plus they are not the $$$ anymore..
Heres how I wired mine!

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My first rule is, if ya got it don't flaunt it.

Walk around your place and think like a crook. Where are the easy entry points, then do something about it. Lights, security doors, a dog, maybe a well placed prickly rose bush. The primary task is to keep them out. Be a hard target. An alarm is the last defense. It starts working after their in. If you get one do all the doors and windows, upstairs too and make sure to install glass breaks. If they do a smash and grab at least the alarm will go off when the window breaks and they are still outside.

Good home security is a multi layered approach, an alarm system alone can lull you into a false sense of security. Cameras may be a slight detterent, but think of some of the video posted from security cams. It's not easy identifing someone with it. Also make sure your recorder is damn hard to locate so they just don't take it with them.